We roast our coffees every week, creating a specific roast profile for each one of them.

Here you will find a general reference on which roast and grind to choose depending on the equipment you have. These are just a few basic recommendations so we suggest experimenting with our coffees yourself.

Do you have a grinder? Your coffee maker Roast Grind
No Moka pot, espresso Espresso fine
Dripper, Aeropress, French press Filter Medium
Yes Moka pot, espresso Espresso Whole bean
Dripper, Aeropress, French press Filter Whole Bean



The coffee you’ll receive will usually have been roasted around 5-10 days earlier.

Remember that coffee is at its best from 2 to 6 weeks after roasting and will continue to be utterly delicious up to 8 or 10 weeks after roasting.

We commit to ensuring that your coffee has been roasted no more than 22 days before it is dispatched.