We’re roasters, and as roasters, we know everything there is to know about our beans: the farm they came from, the climate they were grown in, the person who grew them and the process they used. At Puchero, we take pleasure in bringing out the unique characteristics of beans from different regions and unleashing their expressive power.

Our beans are truly special. We select and transport them from some of the most hidden corners of the Earth. Every variety and harvest is unique, so the beans must be roasted and processed in a unique, specific way to reflect that.


We make all our products by hand amid the pines in Hornillos de Eresma (Valladolid), where we pour our all into preserving and showcasing the effort made by the growers to produce each and every coffee and cacao bean.

Here at Puchero, we’re passionate about coffee and chocolate and we’re always looking for new flavours on our tasting panel, monitoring every tiny detail and packing our products by hand as they leave the roaster.

It’s pretty obvious that we love what we do, isn’t it?