We’re still not sure whether coffee and chocolate found us or we found them, but since that day our lives have changed forever.

If, like us, you’ve decided to dedicate your life to this incredible world, we’re here to give you a hand.

Not only will we help you choose the best specialty coffee and chocolate for your café, shop, restaurant, hotel or office, we’ll also give you some advice to make sure you get the most out of your business.

After more than five years advising some of the best cafés in Spain and around the world, nobody understands hospitality like we do.

Let’s join forces!

We roast the very best

We combine constant quality controls with feedback from our baristas to ensure excellent quality across our entire product range.

Training and Consultancy

We’ll team up with you to share everything you need to know about our product, offering training and consultancy to maximise your company’s performance.

We’re a well oiled machine

And that’s why we’re able to offer you the very best equipment for your business with very special conditions. Special like you.

We’re fast

We answer queries within minutes. We ship within 24 hours. Every day of the week. We’re just as fast and convenient as your local supplier.

And chocolate too

We apply the same passion and values to our chocolate so that you can add new specialty product lines to your business..




    Nestled among the pines at Finca Puentes Mediana
    Carretera N601, Km 155
    47238 Hornillos de Eresma (Valladolid)



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