Orea V3 Recipe | Etiopía Duwancho


This coffee is part of a micro-lot grown and processed by member producers of Daye Bensa, a coffee exporter aiming to improve its surrounding community and offer fair prices to its producers. The name Duwancho comes from an endemic fruit of the Sidama region. All Daye Bensa’s micro-lots are grown in small farms that allow them to put the quality of the coffee before the quantity. Moreover, they are fully traceable from the moment the cherries arrive at the processing station until they are shipped.

We recommend the following recipe and experimentation using Orea V3 brewer. We wanted to see the different results by using several paper filters, such as Kalita 185 and Sibarista. In the result, which was a surprise, we could find floral and tropical aromas with a hint of spice, a juicy acidity and silky sweetness.


Kalita 185 paper filter
  • Dose: 20g (medium grinde size, Mahlknonig EK43, white sugar to the touch)
  • Water: 300g to 93ºC

Recipe structure:

  • Pour 60g and wait till the “Bloom”
  • @00:30 to 120g
  • @01:00 to 180g
  • @01:30 hasta los 240g
  • @02:00 to 300g
  • @3:30 aprox timing

Sibarista paper filter
  • Dose: 20g (molienda media-fina, 5.8 Mahlknonig EK43, sal fina al tacto)
  • Water: 300g to 93ºC

Recipe structure:

  • Pour 100g and wait till the “Bloom”
  • @00:30 to 200g
  • @01:00 to 300g
  • @3:40 aprox timing

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