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In this post you can find a basic filter recipe using our new washed Perú Emma Tarrillo at home. This coffee has sweet and spice notes with flavours of caramel. The chose brewing method is a V6O, who doesn´t have it at home?

Emma Rioja Tarrillo, the producer of this  coffee, manages Finca La Guaba, a small coffee plantation in the mountains of Peru  that has belonged to the Rioja family for  generations. The entire plantation is  committed to producing high quality  specialty coffee. They use no chemical  fertilizers and hand pick the cherries when  they reach their maximum point of ripeness.  This coffee has dried in the shade for 24  hours, and finally on patios under the sun for  15 days, turning the beans 6 times a day to  ensure uniform drying.

Using Comandante X25 Trailmaster
  • Dose: 18g
  • Grind size: 25 click, similar to white sugar.
  • Water: 270g a 95ºC

This is the recipe:

Three pours using 90 g of water every 30 seconds.

  • @00:30 to 90 g, agitate coffee with a tea spoone
  • @01:00 to 180g
  • @01:30 to 270g
  • @3:40 aprox timing
Using Mahlknonig EK 43
  • Dose: 18 g
  • Grind size: 8 (medium, Mahlkonig EK43, white sugar)
  • Water: 270 g to 94ºC

This is the recipe:

Three pours of 90g each 30 seconds.

  • @00:30 to 90g
  • @01:00 to 180g
  • @01:30 to 270g
  • @3:20 aprox timing

The result using comandante is a clean, balance cup with a touch of ripe fruit such as mango and orange. Silky end with a nice aftertaste whre you can find how all the flavours are rounded.

On the other hand, using Mahlknonig EK43, the final cup has pomegrane and orange notes with a touc of caramel sweetness. The body is lighter and silky.

We hope you enjoy it and, please, share with us your experiments and own recipes using this amazing Perú.

And you, how do you do your V60? Share your recipes in the comments below.

See ya soon =)

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