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Espresso Recipe

With this recipe we get a super balanced, sweet and very aromatic espresso where floral, blueberry and citrus aromas stand out, such as bergamot. For milk drinks we recommend adjusting the ratio to get a more intense espresso.

  • In: 18 g
  • Out: 50 g
  • Time: 27 sec aprox.

Recipe based on results with la marzocco linea mini and mazzer Kony E grinder.

Clever Recipe

The clever is characterized for resulting in drinks with a very good tactile sensation, greater weight in the mouthfeel and a clean cup as it is paper filtered. I think it is a method that goes great with a natural Ethiopia, as we highlight very fruity and sweet flavors, in this case we find very light blueberry and chocolate.

  • Dose: 12g (medium grind – 24 clicks with Comandante c40, fine salt to the touch)
  • Water: 260g at 96ºC

*Technique: We pour all the water in first and then we add the coffee on top of it, in this way the contact time is not exceeded during drawdown and we can be more consistent.

  • Add the coffee to the water, saturate all the coffee with a spoon and start the timer.
  • @01:00 brake the crust.
  • @2:00 start the drawdown.
  • @3:00 total brew time.

Recipe based on results with Clever Dripper, comandante c40 grinder and 100ppm water.

The Coffee

Shonora Coffee was established 30 years ago by Shonora Gata, with a wet coffee processing station in Sakicha and a farm near the town of Gerba. In the last three years, Gata’s sons have taken over the station, expanding it and upgrading the machines. They now process cherries from up to 150 local farmers. Coffee is grown on volcanic soil, without chemical fertilizers. Shonora Coffee has also committed to building a local school, as there are only two schools in the area, which are a significant distance from some of the farms.

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We’ve created this recipe to help you improve your experience enjoying our beans, but remember that coffee is not an exact science, so we invite you to experiment yourself and, if you feel like, let us know your feedback.

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