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Espresso and Clever Recipe | Ethiopia Shakicha

With this recipe we get a super balanced, sweet and very aromatic espresso where floral, blueberry and citrus aromas stand out, such as bergamot. For milk drinks we recommend adjusting the ratio to get a more intense espresso.

V60 Recipe | Peru El Diamante

With this recipe we get a very delicate and round drink, with a juicy acidity and a super silky body. We can find citrus, floral aromas and a very marked sweetness of honey.

V60 Recipe | Rwanda Horizon

In this Rwanda we find sweet, citrus and legume aromas. With this recipe we highlight its bright juicy acidity and sweetness. It is a very round coffee, with a very silky mouthfeel and a super refreshing aftertaste with a minty point.

Double Chocolate Brownie Recipe

One of our favorites brownie recipes.

V60 Recipe | Colombia Geisha Arley & Maria Delgado

This coffee is pure honey, it has a very juicy bright lemon acidity and a super silky body, it is without a doubt what I like the most about this coffee. In this brew we find flavors of plum, cherry, sweet flavors of panela and honey and floral aromas.

Espresso Recipe | Ethiopia Beshasha

This washed Ethiopia is super round and sweet. In this recipe we use an open ratio to balance it as much as possible. It stands out for its bright and juicy citric acidity, a very silky body and an aftertaste of black tea, we also find sweet flavors of milk chocolate, toffee and honey.

V60 Recipe | Rwanda Kanya

With this recipe the result is a very sweet and balanced drink, which stands out for its bright and juicy acidity, a silky body and a refreshing aftertaste of lemon, where we find citrus, honey and caramel. When the temperature drops it tastes like a tea with lemon.

Espresso and Aeropress Recipe | Ethiopia Rocko Mountain

This coffee is a bomb of aromas, very sweet and with a super silky body. This recipe balances it, maintaining that body, and achieving a sweet espresso where we find flavors of strawberry, blueberry and with a lactic point that reminds me of a mango yogurt.

Kalita Recipe | Guatemala Yula

For this coffee we have chosen the Kalita brewer, seeking to highlight its sweetness and body. With this recipe we get a drink with herbal aromas like black tea, sweet aromas and honey.

Espresso Recipe | Guatemala La Esperanza

With this recipe we wanted to enhance the super silky and dense body this Guatemala has. It is an intense coffee, very fruity and with a bright and sweet orange acidity.

Kalita Recipe | Colombia Edgar Motta

Without a doubt, the most complex and complete coffee I have tried to date. With this recipe we get a fruit bomb, sweet and balanced, with a silky body and a very long finish of black tea that when the temperature drops seems like a juice.

Espresso Recipe | Indonesia Tenang Uken

It’s incredible the intense and buttery body that this coffee has, we love it. This recipe is designed to enhance its sweetness, balance and body.

Espresso And V60 Recipe | Ethiopia Adado

With this recipe we get a very aromatic, sweet and balanced espresso, with a marked citric acidity, and a very long honey aftertaste.

Espresso Recipe | Brazil Rancho Grande

This Brazil stands out for its sweetness and orange citric acidity, a very silky body and a very long hazelnut finish.

Espresso Recipe | Burundi Turaco

With this recipe we get a round espresso, with a juicy acidity and a super long aftertaste, in which chocolate and sweet flavors stand out.

Espresso Recipe | Colombia Cañasgordas

This coffee is a bomb, with lots of fruit, bright acidity and syrupy body. Where we can find vanilla, prune and dark chocolate notes.

Espresso Recipe | Peru Huaman Castillo

This coffee is a bomb, with lots of fruit, bright acidity and syrupy body. Where we can find vanilla, prune and dark chocolate notes. With this recipe we balance this coffee, looking for sweetness and getting a super balanced double espresso.

Espresso Recipe | Rwanda Isimbi

Punchy coffee with juicy acidity, silky body and long finish. Pea, blueberry, apple and chocolate flavors appear with this recipe.

V60 Recipe | Peru Maribel Herrera Torres

This coffee is a candy. With this recipe we balance it and get an incredible sweetness and a super syrupy body. It’s a very intense coffee, where we can find mashmallow and chocolate notes, a juicy acidity and a very long finish.

V60 Recipe | Guatemala Santa Elisa

This is one of those balanced sparkling coffees that you could drink all day. With this recipe we make it taste like pure honey, with a juicy tangerine acidity and a very long sweet finish.

Espresso Recipe | Ethiopia Tesfa (CO2 Decaf)

Who said you can’t enjoy good decaf coffee. This Ethiopian is delicate, balanced and sweet, with bright acidity and a silky body.

Espresso Recipe | Laos Jing Jhai R10

Probably the coffee that has surprised me the most this year. I didn’t expect this sweetness, much less this body, suuuuper dense, it looks like chocolate.


In every menu there should be one perfect coffee for milk drinks, and this Brazil is the one. It is a sweet and balanced coffee, but with a spark. We can find chocolate, orange and cashew notes, and when mixed with milk it tastes like a toffee caramel.

Kalita Recipe | Colombia Diego Samuel Bermudez

This coffee is super aromatic and complex. In this brew we can find the acidity of pink grapefruit or the sweetness of white chocolate, with a smooth and silky body. For me, it’s like biting a strawberry!

Cacao Nibs | Different Uses

In this post we are going to share some recipe in which you can use cacao nibs both for its flavor and its texture.

Drinking Chocolate | Home Recipe

We are going to share our drinking chocolate home recipes. One of them is prepared directly in the cup. The other allows us to prepare a bigger batch of hot chocolate.

Espresso Recipe | Honduras Maria Melva Rodriguez

With this recipe we aim for a balanced espresso, with tropical fruits notes, fermented flavors, a spicy acidity and a super creamy body.

Espresso Recipe | El Salvador San Carlos Dos

This coffee from El Salvador is super balanced, with bright citric acidity, hazelnut, chocolate and caramel flavors. With this recipe we get a sweet espresso, that also works very well in small milk drinks.

Drinking Chocolate | Coffee Shop Special

Drinking chocolate recipes for coffee shops.

Espresso Recipe | Ethiopia Hopeful Hana

This recipe is perfect with milk but we must play carefully with the volumes. We think that a 150ml cup is more balanced if we split the espresso.

Kalita Recipe | Guatemala Todos Santos

Recipe This is the recipe we’re now using for Kalita 185. With it we seek to enhance those fruity flavours and achieve a very balanced cup, where juicy acidity and a silky body stand out. Perfect to accompany your breakfast. Dose: 30g (medium-coarse grind. 28 clicks with Comandante c40) Water: 480g at 98ºC We’ll make […]