Espresso Recipe | Laos Jing Jhai R10


Probably the coffee that has surprised me the most this year. I didn’t expect this sweetness, much less this body, suuuuper dense, it looks like chocolate. Coffee with a lot of aromatic intensity, sweet, balanced, with flavors of chocolate, dried fruit, raisins and juicy acidity.

Yes, I said juicy acidity. Amazing!

  • In: 18 g
  • Out: 46 g
  • Time: 24 sec

This recipe is designed to divide the espressos and make them simple. With milk (in a 150ml cup) we close the ratio by increasing the dose one gram to seek greater intensity, so we get a very creamy and sweet drink, with flavors that remind me of butter cookies.

Trust me, it will surprise you!

Recipe based on results with la marzocco linea mini and mazzer Kony E grinder.

The Coffee

Over the past three years, fi-lan’thro-pe has been experimenting a lot with processing of old-lineage robustas. After being lined up against more than 50 of the world’s “best” robustas, Laos was the top coffee by a huge margin. Mr. Nam has one of the most idyllic, 60-year old robusta-tree plantations in the Bolaven Plateau. Thanks to his great effort to revolutionize his production, here is a massively sweet, incredibly heavy bodied coffee.

One of the most unique and enjoyable experiences in the coffee world nowadays.

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We’ve created this recipe to help you improve your experience enjoying our beans, but remember that coffee is not an exact science, so we invite you to experiment yourself and, if you feel like, let us know your feedback.

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