V60 Recipe | Peru Maribel Herrera Torres


This coffee is a candy!

With this recipe we balance it and get an incredible sweetness and a super syrupy body. It’s a very intense coffee, where we can find mashmallow and chocolate notes, a juicy acidity and a very long finish.

  • Dose: 20g (medium grind. 23 clicks with Comandante c40)
  • Water: 340g at 96ºC

We’ll make 4 pours every 30″, the first one (the bloom) will be in circles, and we will swirl the dripper to saturate all the coffee as soon as possible the rest will be strong central pours to generate turbulence and increase the flow.

  • Bloom: 50g
  • @30s up to 100g
  • @1:00 up to 220g
  • @1:30 up to 340g
  • @3:30 total brew time aprox.

Recipe based on results with kalita Hario V60 Ceramic, comandante c40 grinder and 150ppm water.

The Coffee

Maribel Herrera Torres owns 2 hectares of land in San Antonio, Huabal. Since this district spans a couple of mountains, the climate conditions and soils can vary considerably, with some areas having wet, humid conditions and red, African-like soils and others dry and hot. Maribel has started processing all of her coffee as naturals after seeing that it greatly improved the quality of her coffee, compared to washed and honey processes. After they pick the ripe cherries they thoroughly wash them before placing them on lined patios to dry for 25 days.

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We’ve created this recipe to help you improve your experience enjoying our beans, but remember that coffee is not an exact science, so we invite you to experiment yourself and, if you feel like, let us know your feedback.

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