V60 Recipe | Guatemala Santa Elisa


This is one of those balanced sparkling coffees that you could drink all day. With this recipe we make it taste like pure honey, with a juicy tangerine acidity and a very long sweet finish.

  • Dose: 18 g (medium grind. 26 clicks with Comandante c40)
  • Water: 300g at 96ºC

We’ll make 5 pours in circles (from the centre to the edges) with controlled flow every 45″, seeking to saturate all the coffee during each pour.

  • Bloom 45g
  • @45s up to 120g
  • @1:30 up to 180g
  • @2:15 up to 240g
  • @3:00 up to 300g
  • @4:00 total brew time aprox.

Recipe based on results with kalita Hario V60 Ceramic, comandante c40 grinder and 150ppm water.

The Coffee

Carlos Fontan is the manager and agronomist of Finca Santa Elisa. Carlos has been working as an agricultural engineer carrying out visits on farms owned by independent producers; now as manager of this farm in Chimaltenango, has been able to get involved in many aspects of the specialty coffee world. The name of the farm comes from Santa Elisa, the Virgin of this sector and Pachup, a tree that is found on the farm and provides, along with the native cypress trees, shade to several growing areas.

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We’ve created this recipe to help you improve your experience enjoying our beans, but remember that coffee is not an exact science, so we invite you to experiment yourself and, if you feel like, let us know your feedback.

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