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We think this recipe is just perfect for this type of coffee. We use a larger ratio seeking a flavour balance where sweetness stands out.

  • In: 17 g
  • Out: 49 g
  • Time: 23″

This recipe is perfect with milk but we must play carefully with the volumes. We think that a 150ml cup is more balanced if we split the espresso.

Recipe based on results with la marzocco linea mini and mazzer kony e grinder

The Coffee

Mustefa Abakeno is a smallholder farmer who owns 18 ha of land. Due to the lack of water in the area and limited space, Mustefa ferments the coffee for a short period of time before taking it to the drying beds. The result is something like a light honey process. Mustefa has recently registered as an exporter to start selling his coffee directly to buyers, which he is now able to do since the changes to regulation in Ethiopia. This lot has been chosen for the Girls Gotta Run project that sponsors scholarships for ten teenage girls in the area.

Peach, plum, dark chocolate. Winey acidity, black pepper spice and a heavy body.

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We’ve created this recipe to help you improve your experience enjoying our beans, but remember that coffee is not an exact science, so we invite you to experiment yourself and, if you feel like, let us know your feedback.

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